SMEM : 2 board games and 1 Rallye Quiz




Public sector


Martinique (Fr W Indies)

Target audience



SMEM organised a competition of board game creation about energy savings in Martinique schools. The winning school saw its game manufactured.


In the end, 2 schools were rewarded. SMEM called on our services to design the 2 games, remaining as close as possible to the children's drawings. Then we manufactured them. The first game is a Goose game, the second one is a game that can be played on the sand beach with a big play mat used as a board, plastics cards and a kit to store pawns, dices and tokens. Afterwards, we customised our Rallye Quiz game for SMEM with questions / answers from the card game created in 2011.

We also customised a Rallye Quiz for SMEM. Play online

Production run

30 000 units for the Goose game, 5000 units for the beach game.