Pink Elephant card game


The Pink Elephant road safety card game is about the dangers of drinking or taking drugs and driving. Thanks to this learning tool, teenagers can test each other and exchange knowledge on the game's various topics: drugs and health, drugs and driving, the Highway Code and road safety, the law and punishable offences.


Via your awareness-raising actions, this tool enables you to combine learning about dangers of the road with a fun game, whilst addressing an age group in pursuit of autonomy and responsibility.
This game is ideal as a complement to or for opening a debate on topics that are sometimes difficult broach.

Quality and content pertinence

This game's content is validated by the French Interministerial mission to combat drug and alcohol abuse (MiLDT), as well as by MAE, the French school-time mutual insurer.

Custom-made version options

  • Custom-made
    1000 units upwards
  • Multimedia adaptation
    Internet, smartphones, tablets
  • Cross-media Operations

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