Secoury happy families range


« Secoury » happy families quiz games bring a fun but educational dimension to social responsibility issues facing companies, such as the environment, safety, health (HSE/EHS).
These games have a dual function, being both fun and instructive, and hence live up to parents' and children's expectations.


By associating your company with such issues via a game, our happy families range offers games that make ideal vectors for conveying your company values, and underlining your company's commitment in the eyes of the target audience.
This type of handy game makes an original alternative for communicating and raising awareness at both internal and external events: new product launches, trade fairs, promotional campaigns, targeting younger audiences...

Topics and themes

Accident prevention with Secoury
Eating with Secoury
Bio-diversity with Secoury
Environment with Secoury
Road safety with Secoury

Quality and content pertinence

In cooperation with recognised health and educational professionals, we carefully compose or request game content validation: the French Red Cross, French Institute for Health Promotion and Health Education (INPES), French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development and Ministry of the Interior, Institute of Urban Ecology, France (IDEMU), Calyxis, UNESCO, The National Natural History Museum, Paris, and Noé Conservation.

Custom-made version options

  • Custom-made card box
    100 units upwards
  • Custom-made card backs and card box
    1000 units upwards
  • Custom-made content and illustrations
    1000 units upwards
  • Multimedia adaptation
    Internet, smartphones, tablets
  • Cross-media Operations

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Happy families games are
7-14 year olds' favorites.

According to the Kids & Teens' Mirror survey, carried out with 0-25 year olds in 2009 by the Junior City specialist studies and advice institute, this game type is a winner for 1 out of 5 children.