Secoury multimedia quiz range


The Secoury multimedia quiz range is a fun and educational interactive tool that can be adapted to the Internet, Intranet portals and interactive terminals.
It deals with responsible topics and themes such as the environment, health and safety. Players answer multiple-choice questions and are given a comment after each answer that provides information about the topic.


As part of your awareness-raising and prevention initiatives, multimedia quizes will enable you to give your communication a fun dimension, a key point in any communication strategy targeting children or teenagers.
By adding it to the Child or Prevention pages of your website, you are enriching your content and creating traffic. These quizzes can also be used for cross-media operations, in addition to card games, thereby strengthening the bond between your target and your brand.

Topics and themes

- Accident prevention
- Healthy eating
- Biological-diversity
- The environment
- Road safety
- and others on request...

Quality and content pertinence

The content of the questions and answers has been validated by health and education professionals: the French Red Cross, French Institute for Health Promotion and Health Education (INPES), French Ministry for Sustainable Development and Ministry of the Interior, Institute of Urban Ecology, France (IDEMU), Calyxis, UNESCO, The National Natural History Museum, Paris, and Noé Conservation.

Custom-made version options

  • Personnalisation
    - Content: custom-made questions on request
    - Graphics: quizzes adapted to clients, in line with graphic charters
  • Adaptation to various media
    Internet, smart phones, tablet computers, CD-ROMs
  • Options on request
    - Statistics on players' answers
    - Player rankings based on their score, with creation of a competition
    - Option of sharing scores on social networks

Contact us for further details.