Secoury quiz range


The Secoury quiz range enables players to have fun discovering such topics and themes as health or the environment.
The diversity of topics and wide choice of card formats within each themes allows original game composition and hence neatly meets companies' requirements, in keeping with their communications objectives and with their budgets.


« Secoury » Quizzes are a great way of lending a fun, but instructive dimension to your brand or your products, for example in the form of a collectable goody for clients.
They will enable you to support your campaigns/actions and underline your commitment by being at the heart of your awareness-raising, accident prevention and educational initiatives towards children, families or indeed your employees.

Topics and themes

Accident prevention
Healthy eating
The environment
Road safety

Quality and content pertinence

In cooperation with recognised health and educational professionals, we carefully compose or request game content validation: the French Red Cross, French Institute for Health Promotion and Health Education (INPES), French Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable Development and Ministry of the Interior, Institute of Urban Ecology, France (IDEMU), Calyxis, UNESCO, The National Natural History Museum, Paris, and Noé Conservation.

Custom-made version options

  • Custom-made card backs and card box
    1000 units upwards
  • Custom-made content and illustrations
    1000 units upwards
  • Multimedia adaptation
    Internet, smartphones, tablets
  • Cross-media Operations

Contact us for further details.

We can offer modular
and evolutive solutions:

- Create your own game, according to your target audience and to your budget.

- Choose the number of cards in your game from 5 different topics/themes (42 available cards per topic/theme).