Space card games


Three different card games - Astro Family, Astro Pursuit and The Planets game - invite players to discover and share their knowledge of Space. These science general knowledge tools lend a playful dimension to the fascinating topic of space and are for use at school, as well as for playing with the family.


For your awareness-raising or information operations, this game range enables you to arouse children's interest and sense of wonder, with which the knowledge of the Universe and the conquest of Space is associated.
By using our games as communications tools, you not only create a bond between the public and your activities, but you also highlight your brand image.


Astro Family is a happy families card quiz game for all children curious to find out the mysteries of our universe. They can test each other's knowledge of stars, constellations, famous astronomers, astronomy instruments, of planets and satellites, and of celestial phenomena.

Game content validated by: Dr Denis Savoie, head of the Astronomy & Astrophysics department at the Paris Palais de la découverte.
Partner: Palais de la découverte.


Astro Pursuit is a card game for teaching children as well as adults the order that the planets come in, in the solar system. There are two sets of rules, both with the aim of getting planets in the solar system in the right order.


The Planets card game enables players to discover the main characteristics of the planets in the solar system : their temperature, rotation, revolution, diameter, their moons. The aim of the game is to constitute a planet using these 5 characteristics.

Custom-made version options

  • Custom-made card box (Astro Family only)
    100 units upwards
  • Custom-made card backs and card box
    1000 units upwards
  • Custom-made content and illustrations
    1000 units upwards
  • Multimedia adaptation
    Internet, smartphones, tablets
  • Cross-media Operations

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