Traditional games


Traditional games such as Belote/Pinochle, Bridge, Poker or Tarot are well-known favorites with the general public. Board games (similar to Snakes & Ladders) or jackstraws/spillikins are part of this category.


Traditional games known the world over are always sure hits in terms of client satisfaction.
This type of game ensures your group maximum brand visibility. In fact it only takes a game to be played once by 3 or 4 people for this impact to be felt. What is more, a game's life is typically long, often being played for several years over.

Custom-made version options

  • Custom-made card backs and card boxes/game boxes
    500 units upwards
  • Complete custom-made game (card faces and backs, and card boxes/game boxes)
    1000 units upwards

Contact us for further details.

All types of games can be custom-made:

- Belote/pinochle (32 cards)
- Poker (54 cards)
- Bridge (54 cards)
- Tarot (80 cards)
- Board games
- Jackstraws/Spillikins
- Puzzles...